Suppose you are happy with your home and its location, but you or your family have outgrown the available living space. Maybe you have always wanted a brand new kitchen or master bath suite. You’ve looked at buying another house or building one, but found out that there would be compromises there, too.

Design/Build remodeling can provide you with solutions to problems with your current home. Design/Build remodeling is the combination of exceptional design and construction services within one company.

Design/Build provides solid communication.
Design/Build provides convenience.
Design/Build insures your dreams are realized.
Design/Build saves time, money and aggravation.
Design/Build provides quality throughout the entire process.

If you use separate design and construction services, challenges can arise resulting in lost time, repeated steps and inaccurate cost projections. If there is a problem, who do you contact?

At R. J. Landis Design & Construction, Inc., you make just one phone call for everything. All services are in-house and coordinated by one professional team. The plans are realistic and the estimates accurate from the beginning.

R. J. Landis devotes a great deal of attention to your needs, desires and dreams to ensure the intent of the project is carried through completion while staying within the budget.

R. J. Landis has the expertise to design a buildable project while staying within your budget considerations. R. J. Landis stays current with design trends, new products and construction techniques so you receive the best solution to your needs and add to the overall value of your home.

At R. J. Landis, we feel strongly that Design/Build is your best choice to remodel your home.