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Who is R. J. Landis Design & Construction, Inc. and What Services Do We Provide?


R. J. Landis is a well-established and trusted remodeling company that offers complete Design/Build services. Our mission is to provide the best, most timely and cost effective building and remodeling service for our clients to achieve function, comfort, and property value appreciation from their homes.


What Are the Advantages of Using a Design/Build Firm Such As R. J. Landis Design & Construction, Inc.?


Design/Build remodeling can provide you with solutions to problems with your current home. Design/Build remodeling is the combination of exceptional design and construction services within one company. At R. J. Landis Design & Construction, Inc., you make just one phone call for everything. All services are in-house and coordinated by one professional team. The plans are realistic and the estimates are accurate from the beginning.

Design/Build remodeling provides you solid communication
Design/Build provides convenience
Design/Build ensures your dreams are realized
Design/Build saves time, money, and aggravations
Design/Build provides quality throughout the entire process
Your project will be designed to architecturally match your home
R. J. Landis is very thorough with specification sheet details so that you know exactly what is included in your project
R. J. Landis offers the assistance of an interior decorator to professionally help you with your selections
At R. J. Landis, the same people who discuss your ideas also design your plans and build your solution
All work is done with a written agreement based on the final plans and specifications so you can be sure what will be included in your project
We provide excellent craftsmanship and complete projects in a timely manner.
We go to great lengths to ensure our clients are separated from the construction and are comfortable through the build process
Q. Will Crews Be in My Home Everyday?
A. Do not expect to see full crews of workers at your home every hour of every work day. At the beginning of the job, there will be a lot of activity during demolition and framing. Later, as subcontractors are scheduled for wiring, plumbing and heating and cooling work, things will slow down. Just because you can’t see it easily doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Trust us…it is. Our payment schedule with you is designed so we get paid as construction phases are completed.
Q. Why Do I Need to Choose My Product Selections in Advance?

As part of the design process of your project, you selected and made choices on many of the materials and items that will go into your remodeling project. This step is important for two reasons. The first reason is to provide an accurate cost estimate to you. The second reason is to have the decisions made early so we can order your materials to be available at the time they are needed for installation. If we are not able to order your materials in advance, your project can be significantly delayed. In this case, we would not be able to maintain the construction schedule.

Q. Should I Move Temporarily or Stay Put?

Depending on the scope of work, you and your family may want to move out of your home temporarily during the project. If you vacate the premises, R. J. Landis may finish your project more quickly because a major clean-up will not be needed each night. Of course, each situation is unique, and your decision to move or stay in the house will depend on several factors.

Size of household
Budgetary constraints
Scope of work
Duration of Project
Capacity for makeshift spaces
Weather Conditions
Q. What Are the Typical Phases of My Remodeling Project?
As you can see, a typical remodeling project has many phases of construction. Yours may or may not have all the phases below, but each phase must be completed for your project to turn out as planned.
Planning Your Project Shower/Tub Enclosure
Building Permit Gutters/Downspouts
Preconstruction Meeting Drywall/Plaster
 Weather Protection Finish Carpentry
Dust Protection Doors
Site Clearing Interior Paint/Wallpaper
Site Layout Cabinets/Countertops
Excavation (Inspection) Flooring/Carpeting
Footer Tile
Foundation (Inspection) Electrical (2 Inspections)
Haul/Backfill/Rough grade HVAC (2 Inspections)
Slab/Flat Work Finish Grading
Framing (Inspection) Appliances/Hardware
Fireplace (Inspection) Landscaping/Lawn
Roofing Decks
Masonry/Stucco/Siding Punchlist
Stairs Daily Cleanup/Trash Removal
Windows Professional Cleaning
Insulation (Inspection) Administration
Exterior Trim Final Inspections
Exterior Paint Using Your Newly Remodeled Space
Q. Will My Job Schedule Be Set in Stone?

There is no such thing as a cut and dried job schedule; there cannot be. In construction, work is always affected by a myriad of things including the weather, change orders from the client, subcontractor schedules, material orders, and unforeseen delays. At R. J. Landis Design & Construction, Inc., a weekly job schedule outline is reviewed by the project manager and all lead carpenters once a week. Be aware that we are very well informed of jobsite activity and we are always aware of your project status

Q. Will I Be Inconvenienced by the Work Going On in My Home?

We pride ourselves on going out of our way to minimize your inconvenience during construction, so you can live normally and comfortably in your home for as long as possible. Remodeling, unlike any other profession, requires work to be performed in a completed environment: your home. We must come into your living space to re-construct your home. While we go to great lengths to be sensitive to this fact and cause minimal disruption to your lifestyle, some inconvenience is to be expected. It takes up time to work around your lifestyle and provide that minimal disruption. So try not to focus on how long it takes to do the job. The trade-off is your ability to continue a relatively normal life during construction.

Q. How Will I Be Emotionally Affected During the Remodel?

Homeowners experience all kinds of emotions during a remodeling project. From anticipation to euphoria, emotions generally follow the activity curve of the job. For example, expectations can be highest when planning your project with your designer. Once carpenters, electricians, and other subcontractors come into your home, expect to feel some degree of uneasiness. However, as the project begins to wind down and you prepare to take your space back, the emotional pendulum swings in the other direction again.

Q. How Do I Handle Communication With the Crews on My Jobsite?

A great way to communicate with our lead carpenter is to write your questions on the job site memo pad. Your lead carpenter will write responses to your questions on the memo pad as well. This will help save time and energy trying to track each other down by phone.


R. J. Landis’ goal is to develop long-term relationships in preparation of clients’ future needs. After project completion, we keep in touch with you on a regular basis through quarterly newsletters and help you stay informed about the latest trends and products.

Q. Will My Home Stay Neat During My Remodel?
A. In offering a value-added service, we “broom clean” every day the areas of your home being remodeled. Meanwhile, during the remodeling project, you are responsible for continuing to clean the areas of your home not under construction. Unless otherwise noted in your construction agreement, your newly remodeled space will be “construction cleaned” at substantial completion for your occupancy.
Q. What Kind of Warranty Does R. J. Landis Provide?

R. J. Landis Design & Construction, Inc. provides a limited warranty for their homeowners for each project that it performs. This limited warranty is included in the limited warranty section of the construction agreement. Please refer to it for what is and is not covered under the warranty on your new remodeling project.


The standard warranty in the remodeling industry is one year for workmanship. We provide two years of coverage, so you can be sure that everything looks and operates as it should.

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