During the design process, R. J. Landis Design & Construction, Inc. works closely with you to determine your needs, concerns and priorities to assist you in establishing a realistic budget. We become guardians of our budget, advise you on the tough decisions and continue to work within established guidelines.

Once your needs are determined, solutions are developed through preliminary planning. With these preliminaries, you will get ideas about how your solution will work for you. You can choose one plan or parts of several to come closer to your final plan. We can then present tighter cost estimates so you can make further budget decisions if necessary.

R. J. Landis will assist you in choosing the products and materials you’ll want to use. You may already have an idea of the type of appliances, flooring, cabinets, tile, etc. or you may have no idea where to begin. We will help you with the selection of only quality products that will be used on your project- the brands that will work best, and the suppliers that will provide the best service.

Your project will be designed to architecturally match your home.

R. J. Landis is very thorough with specification sheet details so that you know exactly what is included in your project.

R. J. Landis offers the assistance of an interior decorator to professionally help you with your selections.

At R. J. Landis, the same people who discuss your ideas also design your plans and build your solution.