Annabelles Green, New Albany

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As with many new production home buyers, the homeowners of this New Albany home had only four floor plans to choose from when they purchased their home. The homeowners made their decision to buy their home because they loved the Georgian architecture and location. After living in their home for a few years, they realized that the family room was too small to accommodate their family and lifestyle.

Being annual visitors to the Showcase of Remodeled Homes, they were attracted to the design capabilities of R. J. Landis Design & Construction, Inc. They contacted Ron Landis and began discussing ideas about how to achieve a larger family room. One of the original ideas considered was to convert the existing adjoining garage into additional family room space. That presented problems with the location of a new garage because of strict zoning regulations and lot conditions.

After additional discussions, it was decided to do an addition to the rear of the current family room. The rear wall of the house could be removed completely so that the addition looked seamless to the original construction. Being in a tightly architecturally controlled subdivision, it was required that the exterior match with the existing home as well.

The new addition doubled the size of the homeowners' family room and contains features such as hardwood flooring, unique windows, and custom finish carpentry. The exterior not only matches the existing house, but has Georgian brick steps and a brick walkway.

A finishing touch was added to the project with the installation of granite countertops to the kitchen that adjoins the new enlarged family room.
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