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Proper design is the most important part in any remodeling project. In this project, the bathroom was large in size but was divided in the middle by an existing chimney that could not be removed. The natural solution was to incorporate this chimney in to the design and make it look like it was part of the newly remodeled bathroom.

The homeowners contacted R. J. Landis Design & Construction, Inc. in the spring of 1999, approximately six months before they intended to start their project. An initial visit was made to the home in April to assess the feasibility of the project and to establish a budget. When the homeowners gave approval to start the design process in May, the bathroom was measured, photos were taken, and preliminary plans were drawn. Also in May, the plans were reviewed with the homeowners who requested revisions. The preliminary plans were revised and resubmitted to the homeowners who requested a few additional revisions. The plans were revised a second time in June, and resubmitted to the homeowners who approved the design.

Just after the homeowners approved the design, a list of the products included in the project that the homeowners were to choose from was developed. The homeowners proceeded to the next stage of the design, selection of materials. Products were selected at R. J. Landis Design & Construction, Inc.'s design center and other outside showrooms. In July, subcontractors and suppliers were requested to submit bids from the plans and product selections made by the homeowners.

Final construction plans were finished in August. Subcontractors and suppliers submitted bids and specifications and a final cost estimate was developed to finish the design of the project in September. Final drawings, specifications, and a cost estimate were presented to the homeowners in October, who approved and requested the start of construction.

The bathroom construction started after building plans were approved and products were ordered. When the master bath remodel was finished, the homeowners said of the completed bathroom, "Ron informed us at the beginning of the design that the design process could take longer than the actual construction. I was very concerned with the chimney limiting the design of our bathroom but the design work proved to be worthwhile because it made best use of the unusual space we had to work with".
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