Kioka Avenue, Upper Arlington

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The homeowners of a 1960's Upper Arlington home had a typically small, outdated master bathroom. Their desire was not only to modernize their master bath, but to enlarge it to include many of today's features and conveniences.

The location of the master bath did not permit an addition, so the solution required creative redesign of the home's existing space. The master bath could not be expanded into the master bedroom or adjoining 2nd bedroom, which would result in reducing both bedrooms to an undesirable size.

The ranch home had a lengthy hallway leading to the bedroom wing of the home and contained several storage closets, one of which adjoined the master bath. After analysis of the homeowners' storage needs, it was determined that the hall closet could be incorporated into the master bath to provide an additional 4' x 6' space, which could be used to meet the homeowners' needs. The homeowners said of this newly discovered space, "Once the demolition was complete, it was easier for us to see the space we had available. With minor changes on the design, we ended up with a new master bath that was more spacious than we ever imagined".

The R. J. Landis team devised a plan to completely remove the framing and adjoining hall closet. The doorway was filled in on the hallway side, which left a 7' X 11' space to create the new master bath. The toilet location remained, which saved a considerable amount of the budget, but the vanity was moved from the middle of the plan to the toilet wall, which opened up floor space and left space at the end for a 3 1/2' X 7' master shower with bench. The existing window remained, but a large skylight was positioned in the new design to flood the master bath with morning sun. Natural looking ceramic tile was used extensively in the shower with a clear glass enclosure to keep the space open looking. A large mirror was used above the vanity to visually increase the space. Halogen lighting was used throughout to supplement the natural light from the skylight.
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