R. J. Landis Design & Construction, Inc. has worked carefully to establish homeowner trust and security. Our customers trust us in their home and with their belongings. They have peace of mind knowing their homes will be secure.

We are proud of our relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers. We have set high standards for our subcontractors and use only those who show the same respect to the homeowner we do. By working closely with our subcontractors and understanding their scheduling requirements, R. J. Landis is able to schedule them when needed and they work with us when a conflict arises, so that we can provide you with unsurpassed customer service.

All work is done with a written agreement based on the final plans and specifications so you can be sure what will be included in your project.

We provide excellent craftsmanship and complete projects in a timely manner.

We go to great lengths to ensure our clients are separated from the construction and are comfortable throughout the build process. We leave your home broom clean and pick up our construction trash every evening.