When considering a renovation project, the first question many people ask us is, “What will it cost?” We’ve put together a list of average costs for a variety of remodeling projects that will assist you in establishing a budget. These are rule of thumb costs and there are exceptions to every rule. If you are considering remodeling, we hope these estimates will assist you in making your dream a reality.

The price ranges and square foot prices below are illustrative and are by no means absolute. Costs vary substantially from project to project, depending on a universe of variables. Size, configuration, scope, fixtures, finishes, structural work, foundation type, site issues, updating existing systems and roofing are only some of the issues which can impact cost one way or the other. That said, we recognize the need to establish a budget, and we have included the chart below in the hope that it will assist with your planning.

Your project may involve a combination of existing space and added space. To calculate your budget, in that situation, you would “ADD” the cost listed in the charts below for Remodeling Within Existing Space to the cost of Additions.